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RP-Tools Hydraulic 2-Post Lift

2 339,99 €

The new TÜV Austria certified, electro-hydraulic 2-post lifts of the B2 series from RP TOOLS set new benchmarks in the field of lifting technology.

Equipped with 3-piece symmetrical telescoping arms and a lifting capacity range from 3200kg to 4000kg to choose from, you can lift vehicles from compact cars, SUV´s to van's with ease.

Lifting capacity
Total Height
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The construction is based on an electro-hydraulic power system with automatic safety locks, which ensures an energy-efficient operation, a low noise level and cost-effective work. The powerful hydraulic units come in 230V or 400V versions and are attached to the lower section of the columns for optimal handling.

Additionally, the barrier-free models RP-6213B2 (3200kg) and RP-6214B2 (3200kg) are equipped with height-adjustable columns and auto shutoff via stop switch.

We have a large selection of models with different configurations to meet all workshop requirements.


  • Internal lifting carriages with long-lasting load bearings.
  • Entire operation like "Raise" and "Lower" via control box.
  • Maximum flexibility through four 3-stage symmetrical telescoping support arms, developed for cars up to the newest generation of transporters.
  • Maximum standard lifting height of 2050 mm, with height-adjustable contact pads.
  • Quickly adjustable lift pad height through the use of new plug-in screw pads.
  • Low minimum pad height of only 98 mm, ideally suited for sport vehicles.
  • Front support arms can be moved to point towards the rear of the vehicle.
  • Automatic arm restraints with additional manual release.
  • Automatic synchronization control through cable equalization system.
  • High rigidity due to specifically designed posts and base plates with small footprint, only five anchoring points for each post.
  • Emergency lowering unit for lowering in case of power failure.
  • Hand pump for fine adjustment of the carriage (gearbox installation, exhaust, etc.).
  • Lifting pad height extensions for different vehicle models (optional).
  • Including free accessories.
  • TÜV Austria certified.

Advantages at a glance

TÜV Austria certified

TÜV certified - in accordance with international safety standards, with type examination by TUV Austria for increased safety.

High quality materials and workmanship

Tested with 50,000 lifting cycles at full load, conforms to CE EN 1493. components production by Italian manufacturers guarantee high product quality and long service life

Hydraulic system with proven technology

Hydraulic, powerful lifting system with two robust and maintenance-free high-pressure cylinders, fewer moving parts and a significantly lower maintenance than a mechanical spindle lift. We use only high quality seals from renowned manufacturers.

Instant Lowering

Our lift can be instantly lowered from any position without having to push the "Raise" button before.

Lifting height

Maximum standard lifting height of 2050 mm, with height-adjustable lift pads.

Lift pads with low intake height

Quickly adjustable lift pad height through the use of new plug-in screw pads. Low intake height of only 98 mm, ideally suited for sport vehicles

Door stop protection

Specially attached rubber car door protectiion pads prevent the touching of the door or door edge when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Symmetric support arms

For even better comfort, all arms can be moved to both the front and rear. This allows you to lift different types of vehicles without any difficulties.

Parking feature

Ideal as a work platform or to double your parking space for long term parking or wintering of your vehicle on the raised lift. Your car safely stays in position by mechanic support without weighing on the hydraulic system.

High-quality steel profile posts

Specially designed posts with 7 mm thick quality steel and base plates provide a high level of stability, with five anchoring points per column. Low tolerances ensure a 100% fit accuracy.

Lifting system

Internal carriage in square welded design, with durable load bearings made from nylon, lifted through hydraulic cylinder and chain-over roller. Lifetime of the load bearings up to 10 years in normal operation.

Electrical unlocking

A mechanical safety latch integrated on both sides ensures safety at the workplace. Automatic release of the safety lock when lowering.

Control 24V

24V control box for simple lift operation. "Raise" and "Lower" control via safety pushbuttons. If required, the lift can be secured against unauthorized use.

3-stage heavy duty support arms

Maximum flexibility through four 3-stage telescoping support arms in a symmetrical design, developed for cars up to the newest transporter generation.

XXL Drive-Thru width

Our lifts allow for a maximum drive-thru width of 2580 mm, with minimum external dimensions. This advantage makes a wide opening of the vehicle door possible.

Hand pump for carriage fine adjustment

The fully integrated hand pump allows for fine adjustment of the lifting height, for engine and gearbox installation, exhaust, etc..

Emergency lowering system

Emergency lowering unit for lowering in case of power failure.

Powder-coated surface

Our machines are powder- coated instead of painted. Thick coatings guarantee a high resistance to mechanical stress and a good insulation value against electrical voltage. Weathering and acid-resistant, environmentally friendly.


Use of high quality electric motors with copper windings for an increased service life.


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