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Güde is a supplier of machines and tools for the home and craftsman with production facilities all over the world.

Whether craftsman or DIY, profession or hobby: We have the right equipment for all applications. In the house, garden, workshop and on the construction site you are always well equipped with the tools, machines and equipment from Güde. Whatever you want to work on, assemble or repair, we will equip you for every project. The extensive range of machines and tools, both for the professional as well as for the home improvement, leaves nothing to be desired. Through our nationwide and pan-European network of dealers and distribution partners, you will always find us in your area. Expert advice, support and service in case of need are of course part of our services.

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Güde Hydraulic motorcycle lift table
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Güde Hydraulic...
Full steel ramp for two-wheelers up to 360 kg. (Scissor...
€520.00 Price