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Modena 4 palen hefbrug 4000kg
  • Modena 4 palen hefbrug 4000kg
  • Modena 4 palen hefbrug 4000kg
  • Modena 4 palen hefbrug 4000kg

Modena four post lift 4000kg

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Four post lift with 4000kg lifting capacity

Platformlenght: 4,80m

Without jacking



Beveiligingsbeleid (bewerken met de module Klanten geruststellen)


Leveringsbeleid (bewerken met de module Klanten geruststellen)


Retourbeleid (bewerken met de module Klanten geruststellen)

- 4000KG lifting capacity;
- Flat runways for general service use.
- Electrical release, just press UP and DOWN button to control the lift. 
- The 630mm wide platforms for easier driving on and off. 
3000mm distance between two columns compatible to 3D wheel aligner.
- The great planeness of runways is perfect for high accurate wheel aligning (B type.)
- Driving-on ramps with polymer rollers. 

- Reserved tracks on platforms fit for optional rolling jacks.
- Low profile runways with a minimum height of 150mm allows the vehicles drive on and off conveniently. 
- 24V safe control system.
- Solid and robust cable pulleys.
- Self-lubricated bushing and bearing.
- Platforms non-synchronization alarming system. 
- Safety device works immediately in case a cable slacks or fails.
- The buzzer alarms when platforms lowered to 300mm above ground. 
- Aluminum motor with fan on top to avoid overheating caused by long time working.
- It has been proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% capacity. 

Technical specifications:

Lifting Capacity 4000kg 

Max Lifting Height 1850mm 

Min Height 225mm 

Lifting Time 45S-60S 

Capacity of Motor 2.2kW/3.5kW 

Platform Width 630mm

Electricity Supply 220V or 380V

Dimension RL = 4880mm

Dimension CL1 = 4438mm

Dimension CL = 4888mm

Dimension OL = 5948mm

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