Reduced price! USAG 496 C1 Assortment tools for bodywork (107-piece) View larger

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USAG 496 C1 Assortment tools for bodywork (107-piece)


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107 pieces

Without tool cabinet, without plastic containers

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    pcs description
    1 Lock-grip pliers with concave jaws
    1 Lock-grip pliers with C-clamp jaws
    1 Combination pliers
    1 Lay-on slip-joint adjustable pliers
    1 Heavy-duty diagonal cutting nippers
    1 Toggle joint shears for sheet steel
    9 Set of 9 hexagon keys/1,5-2-2,5-3-4-5-6-8-10
    17 Set of 17 combination wrenches/ 6÷22
    4 Screwdrivers for slot-head screws/ 0,5x3x75- 0,8x4x100-1x5,5x125-1,2x6,5x150
    1 Screwdrivers for slot-head screws/ 1,6x8x175
    1 Screwdrivers for PHILLIPS® screws/3x150
    1 Screwdrivers for slot-head screws/0,8x4x35
    1 Screwdrivers for PHILLIPS® screws
    2 Screwdrivers for PHILLIPS® screws/ 1x75-2x100
    1 Extra flat chisel
    6 Assortment in plastic wallet (6 pcs.)
    1 Mallets
    1 Hammers for mechanics
    1 Hammer with flat round and curved chisel heads
    1 Hammer with flat round and flat square heads 
    1 Comma shaped wedged dolly 
    1 Large grooved dolly
    1 Dolly for body repair
    1 Dolly for body repair
    1 Dolly for body repair
    1 Dolly for body repair
    1 Double spoon with one curved blade and a flat one
    1 Facing narrow body spoon, long model
    1 Light curved spoon, short pattern
    1 Flat serrated spoon for thinning out operations 1 Adjustable file holder
    2 Flat flexible files /3,5-3,4
    1 Pressure trim clips removal lever
    1 Rolling head bar
    38 Assortment with hexagonal sockets and bits in bimaterial box (38 pcs.)
    1 Triangular scrapers1 Metal brush 
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